Do & Don’t So the mother who is single

Living life as a single mom is certainly not easy. But that does not mean when the road had been, she could not do it.

When life becomes a single parent it should be lived, what should be done and not done? Here are the results wolipop conversation with the author of the book ‘The Single Moms’, Budiana Indrastuti, Mia Amalia and Ainun Chomsun, in Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012):

1. Don’ts: slumped Too Old
Ainun said when he decided to separate from your partner will surely feel very down. “It may still fall, but not for too long. Longer when collapsed, the child is also in the process of sinking. He was so confused, I to whom ya, you is not no mother not stable, it’s dangerous,” said the woman known by the name on the account pasarsapi Twitter that.

2. Don’ts: Blaming Yourself
When divorced, usually women will blame themselves busy. It, too, recognized Ainun. Before parting determined, he had done it. But do not let that feeling protracted. Continue reading “Do & Don’t So the mother who is single”

Failure of Local Anesthesia Dentistry Today Disconnect

Some of us may have experienced failure of anesthesia at the time of removal or dental care. Anesthesia failure can be caused by several factors, it is of course very hurt. For there is no harm if it is known several factors causing the failure of anesthesia.

Variations Anatomy

Local anesthesia is always effective when injected in the correct anatomical area and given sufficient time to work. Stunning works by blocking the nerve supply to certain areas under the influence of drugs.

However, in some people find unusual neurological condition, so common ways used by dentists will not work with the maximum. Anesthesia is needed to tackle the problem is also shot in several different places to block more leverage.

Unusual anatomy may be a problem with the lower jaw, because here the dentist use nerve blocks as opposed to infiltration in the upper jaw. This is because the nerves run differently in the upper jaw and lower jaw.
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Divorced Parents, It Should Be Compromised When Parenting

Unlike intact families in general, children who are raised by single parents is likely difficult to identify one parent figure who did not live with him. But that does not mean there is no solution.

“It would be different between children raised in intact families with a single. Whatever extra attention given to single parents, will not be complete because the child must identify a mother figure and a father,” said psychologist efnie Indriani, M.Psi, when contacted wolipop Thursday (07/05/2012).

To keep the child the attention and affection are complete, then both parents have to be compromised in arranging parenting time. In the case of divorced parents, for example, the mother must share parenting time with father. For example, in one week, four days the child with his mother and two days with his father.

“Before making a deal if the parents will not speak ill of one another so that only the positive value received by children. Parents do not be selfish, do not just put their own interests (eg just like dear child to the father or mother),” said psychologist who became a lecturer at the Faculty Maranatha Christian University’s Psychology. Continue reading “Divorced Parents, It Should Be Compromised When Parenting”

Do you know Panda Bear

Panda is the animal most valuable in the world, and we often Panda. Panda is our first class national protected animals, because it is very rare. His hair is black and white. We often call this “China national treasure.” Panda is a unique animal in China. It is a kind of bear. Panda habitat in Sichuan Province and Shanxi Province in China. Continue reading “Do you know Panda Bear”

4 Food Causes Odor Remove Wind Too

The body can produce many things, one is the reaction that sometimes appears unnoticed. Like the sound of a voice belly, burp, sneeze, fart, and so forth. Some of these reactions can be a strange and embarrassing when it happens when you’re in a public place or an important event. One of the things which have been reported by LIVESTRONG discussion is about farting.

Fart is a normal body reaction, but can be very embarrassing when it happens too often and remove foul smell. Some foods it can make you become more smelly fart.

Most people will fart or pass gas about 12 times a day. But the food you eat can cause flatulence become more frequent and foul smelling. Here are some foods that create gas in your stomach the smell.

1. Nuts
Not a few of the foods that use natural nuts being the main cause of foul smelling fart. Nuts usually cause more frequent and farting into gas bubbles that makes flatulence. Since the food moves through the intestines, the beans are fermented and digested started causing gases that are emitted by a foul odor. High fiber content in nuts also contribute to the smell of a fart.
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Tips for Dealing with Negative Stigma Divorced Women

Negative stigma often attached to a single mother. Not being able to take care of a husband with a good, unselfish and often labeled too demanding husband so so causes rift households.

In the case of divorce, women are often labeled as the more guilty party. In fact, the domestic rift comes from both sides.

Negative impression about the single mom has ever stopped yourself Ainun Chomsun. Mother of one child could even avoid meeting her extended family as reluctant to serve a barrage of questions about the cause of her divorce with her ex-husband.

“At the beginning I avoid, do not want to hang out at a point that is not safe (with the negative stigma). Stigma that makes me run out of energy to serve them. Having two new years I got out, it started to hang out more,” said Ainun, when talking with wolipop in The Reading Room, Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012).
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Why people choose shoes with rubber

The shoes of FIVE TEN Company are very famous in the world. Many famous athletes in the world are choosing products of this company. Why good shoes? This is because the special boots is good enough.

We need to know. Their main characteristics of this type of rubber One of its main characteristics is the high friction. The experiments show that the friction of the stealth is particularly good. Mountaineering If you want, you’d better choose this kind of shoes. Other shoes Vibram rubber insert. This type of gum is not as good as Stealth. May gradually disappear, the fiction of Vibram. But the Stealth will not like it. This kind of shoes is very good, so many athletes are willing to wear shoes made stealth. Continue reading “Why people choose shoes with rubber”

The Single Moms: Inspirational Stories 4 Women Increase Child Without Husband

Raising children alone without the help of a couple of course is not easy. These four women profiled in the book ‘The Single Moms’.

Three of the four authors book Budiana Indrastuti, Mia Amalia and Ainun Chomsun talking to wolipop to share stories about their work. Three is a woman who has a successful career and still be a good parenting, even without the presence of a partner.

How can they be selected to write the book Baby Books published this? Ainun admitted he was initially interviewed by a freelance reporter working in Baby. The interview is about his work as founder of the Academy Sharing. From the interview, the reporter learned that Ainun was a single mom. From there came the offer to write a book.

“I emailed, were not willing to write a book about the single mom, I said no. Emailed again, I do not answer anymore. Continues invited to meet each one of the editors,” Ainun story when talking with wolipop in the Reading Room, Kemang, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (06/06/2012). Continue reading “The Single Moms: Inspirational Stories 4 Women Increase Child Without Husband”

Know the tricks to set up a football field right

According to the requirements of the organization soccer game, a borderline photographers outside the goal line be drawn for the photographer behind her, that usually is the corner flag 2 meters, 3.5 meters from the intersection of the goal line and the ball six district line and 6 meters from the goal post. For example, it is behind the billboard.

The fourth official seats extension cord near the center line on the side of the football field and seats for the replacement they are ten feet on either side of the fourth official seats as well as in parallel with them. There are coaches of all teams, and replacement workers can sit in these seats. It is the organization of the competition, which will decide the number of seats and fourteen replacement alternatives identified in China. Continue reading “Know the tricks to set up a football field right”

To be Single Mom Had No Return collapsed Currently Couple Again

When deciding on divorce, will certainly lead to a fairly deep wound in the hearts of the single mom. But that does not mean after that, you are so traumatized and refused to get married or have a partner anymore.

Ainun Chomsun co-author of “The Single Mom ‘, until now he has not been close to any man again. Not because she is traumatized, it’s just really busy in the world of work is very solid. Besides being a social media specialist at a company, he is also the founder of the Academy of Sharing, a container for any learning place for anyone who wanted to come.

“Once it got close friends, friendship, very good to my son. Till my son once said, would not be my daddy. But here-here he says really bad got a new daddy, we both wrote,” when talking with wolipop story in the Reading Room , Kemang, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/06/2012). In the discussion that there are two authors of ‘The Single Mom’ other that is Budiana Indrastuti and Mia Amalia

For Ainun even if later he found a mate, the most important thing for him is the man accepted his daughter. “He must be comfortable,” he said. Continue reading “To be Single Mom Had No Return collapsed Currently Couple Again”