Aging Prevention of Food Consumption on Body

Year after year, increasing age. If passed without preparation, memory loss, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and other old ready approached us. Therefore, in order to condition the body is always healthy and fit, it needs some help keeping food effectively.

What foods antidote to the emergence of an old disease? Here’s the list, as reported by Shine!, The following:


Green vegetables contain folic acid, calcium, and nutrients that protect bone health, brain and eye damage due to age. A diet that contains plenty of vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage can reduce the risk of dementia and cancer.

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Tricks to Overcome Differences Husband Current Opinion Discipline Children

One of the disagreements in marriage can trigger an argument is when disciplining children. You do not want to be too hard to teach your child, but contrary to your husband. This could be a big problem that is not good for the child psychologically. To that end, if you’re having an argument with her husband, there is no harm in following the advice Dr. Phil, the psychologist who frequent speaker in talk show Oprah.

Here are suggestions that revealed the author of ‘The Family First Workbook: Specific Tools, Strategies, and Skills for Creating a Phenomenal Family’ was as described on the official website:

1. Realize your argument the Right or Not To Baby
No child likes to see his parents fighting. The debate in front of your husband and children will create an environment that is quite disturbing them. How to control a naughty child if you fight a lot? Instead, you are both aware of each other if the rules would apply good for their development in the future. You can write down the differences, and then discuss together to reach an agreement. Continue reading “Tricks to Overcome Differences Husband Current Opinion Discipline Children”

Beware of Chest Pain in Section

When chest pain, a lot of people immediately think of a heart attack. This complaint is Often marked symptoms of heart disease. Apparently a lot of one type of disease is chest pain indications, Including cell lung cancer, breast cancer and Increased gastric acid.

Not all chest pain comes from a disturbance in the heart organ. However, chest pain is a typical symptom of heart disease. According to Dr. Hary Utomo, Sp. JP, chest pain due to abnormal heart caused by imbalance between demand and supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Imbalance that could be due to Increased oxygen demand or supply is too low, it could be a combination of both. In Patients with coronary arteriosclerosis (blood vessels that supply the food), automatic blood drainage is limited.

“If the patient requires more oxygen consumption, such as when exercising or when faced with stressful situations, such as anger, can be estimated onset of symptoms of angina or chest pain before,” said cardiologist and blood vessels of the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta. These symptoms can get worse when accompanied by cramps blood vessels called spasm.
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