Able Alcoholic Drinks Lose Weight

Alcoholic beverages has always been a controversial topic if associated with an increase in weight. Many believe that alcoholic beverages can increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. However, not a few who believe that alcohol actually makes you gain weight.

Effect of alcohol consumption on weight gain was also supported by many nutritionists the world. The reason is the high number of calories in alcoholic beverages is evidence that weight gain is a consequence of the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

There are at least three reasons that became the foundation of the world nutritionists that alcohol gives a great influence on weight gain, namely:

High Calorie Content

Most alcoholic beverages contain a lot of calories. Usually from the high sugar content in these drinks. The higher calorie, the higher the risk of weight gain.

Not just stop there, had a high sugar content can also lead to insulin resistance which ended in diabetes.

Trigger Hungry

American Journal of Clinical Research says that alcohol can raise the levels of ghrelin, a hormone that makes you hungry faster. The more often you’re hungry, the more often you eat portions that can lead to irregular weight gain.

Make You Lazy

After consuming alcohol, a person will tend to feel lazy move on the next day. They will be more comfortable sleeping for hours without significant activity. Finally, the fat should be burned with activity instead stored and accumulate in the body.

Triggering Dehydration

Alcohol acts as a diuretic that can interfere with your body’s natural fluid balance. Dehydration can have a negative impact on your body, causing fatigue, decreased productivity, and interfere with the ability of muscle cells to produce energy.

Worse yet, only about 5% of calories from alcohol are stored in the body as fat, while the rest will be converted into asesat. Acetate will replace fat as fuel, so the fat burned during exercise should be retained and the body burns acetate instead.

From the above facts shows that alcohol and weight gain go hand in hand turns. Even singer Lady GaGa classmates also had overweight by 13 kg due to alcohol addiction some time ago.

“Drinking alcohol can make your weight go up pretty quickly, no matter what diet method like you do,” said the actress nutritionist to Showbizspy some time ago.

With treats this fact, do you still believe the consumption of alcohol to lose weight?