Combination of Food For Healthy and Slim

Lately, more and more women are concerned with health, including maintaining ideal body shape to keep. Maintain a healthy body can be done in various ways, one of them by keeping your diet or the diet.

However, be careful in doing the diet. Since the wrong diet is quite harmful for health. Therefore, setting a good diet and the right should be applied. Application of diet can be done by combining harmoniously food or food combining. As reported by the Times of India, the following:

Beans and green vegetables

Nuts contain a lot of protein and iron. While green vegetables, such as spinach or sprouts are rich in vitamin C. The body needs to expend energy up to three times to carry out metabolism. As for vegetables, have a very low-calorie yet filling. So, taking this menu alloys can gradually help reduce weight. Iron in beans can also be absorbed by vitamin C from vegetables that are not water soluble.

Tomato and olive oil

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and the antioxidant lycopene. Olive oil has the antioxidant content that does not lose large amounts. If both are united beneficial in lowering the risk of cataracts, osteoporosis, cancer, delay aging, increase good cholesterol (HDL), strengthens the function of the heart, purifies the blood, dissolve gallstones, increased liver function in synthesizing proteins, normalize blood pressure, and detoxify toxins in body.

Grains and onions

Grains, such as corn, brown rice and wheat, contain iron and zinc. Both of these substances are processed more quickly by the body. Iron will carry oxygen from the lungs to the muscles through the bloodstream. While zinc directly help heal wounds. To maintain healthy skin, seeds can be combined with foods rich in vitamin C, such as carrots, cabbage, peas, or squash.

Turmeric and salmon

Salmon fish containing low carbohydrate but high in protein, including omega-3 fatty acids. The combination of both to keep the nervous system from the effects of aging. Bad cholesterol will be countered with HDL cholesterol content in fish, thus preventing heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Moreover, combining the two is believed to inhibit the growth of tumors and cancer cells.

Broccoli and mustard.

Broccoli is known as the food was able to suppress the growth of cancer cells and are rich in vitamin C. Powerful antioxidants present in broccoli is sulforaphane. Antioxidants are apparently also has antidiabetic properties. It’s just that these antioxidants can be absorbed more quickly, need help with an existing myrosinase in mustard. Useful addition to overcoming cancer and diabetes, the combination of both can fight harmful bacteria in the urinary tract, excretory system, digestive system, and large intestine.

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