Do you know Panda Bear

Panda is the animal most valuable in the world, and we often Panda. Panda is our first class national protected animals, because it is very rare. His hair is black and white. We often call this “China national treasure.” Panda is a unique animal in China. It is a kind of bear. Panda habitat in Sichuan Province and Shanxi Province in China.

Worldwide, there are about 1,590 wild pandas. An adult panda can grow from 120 to 190 centimeters. Its weight of 85 to 125 kg. They eat to live bamboo. People like pandas because they look beautiful. When the World Wide Fund for Nature was founded, panda has been used as a trademark of this organization. He was a special mark on the protection of animals. When dealing with foreign policy, we have often seen as a symbol of friendship.

Ailuaractos lufengensis is Panda ancestors. In fact, its scientific name Parailurus. This means it is a bear, but it is similar to the cat. That is, in essence, it is a bear, but it looks like a cat. Strictly speaking, “Panda” is a bad word. It’s a story about his name. Prior to 1949, appears Beibei Chongqing Museum sample Panda. On the set, there was one word “Ailuropus.” But people read the headline from right to left. To read the word instead of the panda reporter Ailuropus. Therefore, this rumor has spread through the media. People were used to name a panda, and it is difficult to correct for them. So far, this name was used by the people. In fact, scientists call “Ailuropus” because his ancestors is similar to Bear. Both are carnivores.

Panda fossil shows that their ancestors appeared in 2 to 3 million years. It was the first rain period. Panda peaked hundreds of thousands of years. It belongs to stegodon biota. In most regions of eastern and southern China, we could see the pandas. This range covers Beijing, south of Burma and northern Vietnam. People have fossils of pandas in the rainforest temperate or tropical, subtropical, discovered the amount of 500 to 700 meters. Gradually other species became extinct in succession. But pandas still exist today and they keep all the old parts. They are. As “living fossils” because of their scientific interest In China, we call it a “national treasure.”

But there are few places, the pandas can squat. People see changes in their habitats in modern times. In the last hundred years, our population has increased significantly and we occupied the country, as many habitats are gone. The valley, which has become our pandas living neighborhood. Pandas need to live bamboo. However, they need to choose the places where they can find bamboo. Now our government has a series of effective measures to protect endangered by these living fossils. Now all the people around the world care about the pandas survive or perish. From now on the protection and breeding pandas are particularly important. So we should be adapted to other habitats where to find them. We can create a good environment for the pandas.