Due to Unhealthy Diet

A healthy body with body shape and weight are ideal necessarily dream every person. Living with a healthy pattern and diligent exercise is the key, do any diet program is one way to make it happen.

Not a few people who have bothered to go on a diet, but did not get the most out as expected, because many of them are trapped in an unhealthy diet. Trimming excess caloric intake is an example of an unhealthy diet that can actually harm your health.

In addition to making your body deficient intake of essential nutrients, such diets can also be harmful to health. Here are five consequences that can occur if you are running an unhealthy diet, as quoted from the World Fitnes.

Hunger and overeating
The first thing you may feel is the emergence of the desire to eat in excess. If you trim excess calories in the diet and eat very little amounts of food with minimal nutritional value, the body will react to meet these deficiencies are characterized by the desire to eat a larger portion. Especially if you have trouble sleeping at night because of hunger.

Loss of muscle mass
Diets that are not equipped with adequate protein intake can also result in the loss of your muscle mass. However, the body needs adequate protein intake each day in order to function correctly. In addition to helping build muscle, protein also plays a role in increasing endurance. When you do not consume sufficient amounts of protein, the body can “eat” its own muscle tissue.

Fatigue and nausea
Excessive calorie reduction it can trigger fatigue and even in some cases can cause nausea. One example of an unhealthy diet can lead to both of these is to consume only juice for weeks without solid food altogether. This can lead to several health problems such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

Weight gain
A major challenge when you’re stuck in an unhealthy diet is a diet will not last long. If you are unable to continue, then you will wreak diet failure to eat as they pleased, which ultimately will make your weight go up and may gain weight more than your body weight before.

Rather than focusing cut calories massively in the day, the better you cut calories gradually. For example, simply by cutting a few hundred calories a day which can be run in a long time. Then combine it with exercise. This way you will burn more calories and not stuck in an unhealthy diet.

Disturbances in mental health
Not only detrimental to physical health, unhealthy diet can also interfere with your mental health. As the body is not getting enough calories and lack of energy, the body will get a stress which ultimately can affect psychological conditions. Many people feel cranky and irritable when hungry due to extreme dieting. In fact, in a more advanced level can cause severe depression.

In addition to considering some bad result, the best way to avoid the effects of an unhealthy diet is a healthy lifestyle and intake of foods that are good for the body and mind.