How many types of shoe uppers basketball

Compare with other shoes, basketball shoes upper is relatively complex, but the maintenance is relatively easy. These methods are not in keeping retro shoes available. Finishing and materials retro shoes are very different from basketball shoes and require more careful protection.

Leather shoes are the most comfortable materials make shoes, but maintenance is relatively complex. Animal skin is the material most upper elementary and between them, the first layer is the best. Make use of leather material, in principle, only the NIKE basketball shoes and other high-end brand of basketball is eliminated. With a soft cloth or paper towel dampened with water on it to clean this type of material.

Artificial leather basketball is the most common upper. Nike, Reebok, Converse, these high-end products, artificial leather is widely used except in ADIDAS shoes. This product contains the composition of leather so that we can call a variant of leather. This material has the same properties of leather, so you can use the Maintenance Technology of leather.

Faux leather material is very thick and hard, so basically not the custom shoes basketball above. Even if the material is not common, there are still instances that use this type of equipment, such as patent leather RBK early material, it’s just the case that to use this material to create a feeling of leather true. Artificial leather, small part of the Nike brand shoes in basketball low end, this relatively strong material accepted Adidas basketball are essentially using this higher. Support materials such as leather are often used for this material. There is a large sheet of material to the inside of the shoe, to facilitate the transmission. You can understand why most basketball shoes Adidas is really breathable, and there are several holes.

Sweden is not the same concept with leather rotation. The turn of the leather used in the shoes are basically retro genuine leather, so it is not easy to put in the care of suede boots It is clean simply compare basketball shoes with leather uppers turning point in the retro shoes.

Most patent leather is soft, ductility is to break in front of 2006 and easily. But now synthetic leather is not the same, at least the risk of crack formation is smaller. Use a towel to dip the shoes with a little water to grind and remember not to expose myself to the sun. Nike, Adidas and other international brands rarely use PU because of his bad qualities. This material is stiffer, scalability and wear it for a long time, it will not wrinkle, but the ability to support is not good. Shoes large area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis material is not recommended for purchase.

Breathable, because of good quality, advanced nylon can be produced in the material waterproof. Because of its softness, lack of support and train torsion, basketball shoes is not often much of this material. It is common in running shoes or large plastic when used as TPU upper support is used so that it can reduce the weight of the shoe.

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