In order determination Diet Still Strong

Never start a diet with iron will, after a few days you lose motivation. Do not be sad, you’re not alone. Research shows that a quarter of people give up on their diet program after two weeks. And if the last 30 days in your chances of success have increased diet program.

“Doing something on a regular basis within 30 days to strengthen the brain’s nerve, so you tend to maintain the new behavior,” said Lawrence Perlmuter, PhD., A professor of psychology at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, North Chicago, USA. Well, wanted to remain faithful to the diet track there are things you need to consider:

Start with small things
If your diet completely change your eating style will only make you a quitter. Begin of change – minor changes. For example, to get fruit at breakfast, go for a walk after lunch, or reducing portion sizes bit by bit. Once you adjust to new habits, it will be easier to add other programs or sports such as the following month.

Avoid the temptation
A recent study published in Psychology & Health shows that people have a limited amount of self-control and can be thinned as bank account balances. To keep the source of inner strength during the first week you should avoid a situation close to the temptation. Plan to eat dinner at home, not in restaurants or walk through the front office worker fried.

Change the style of speech
“Saying you” should “do something, like I have to exercise or I have to stop snacking, you feel immediately implies that this activity is a burden,” the opinion Michael Sachs, PhD, a professor in the field of sports psychology from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. In contrast, replacing the word “shall” with the word “like”. Example: “Today I want to drink plain water instead of soda.”