Know the tricks to set up a football field right

According to the requirements of the organization soccer game, a borderline photographers outside the goal line be drawn for the photographer behind her, that usually is the corner flag 2 meters, 3.5 meters from the intersection of the goal line and the ball six district line and 6 meters from the goal post. For example, it is behind the billboard.

The fourth official seats extension cord near the center line on the side of the football field and seats for the replacement they are ten feet on either side of the fourth official seats as well as in parallel with them. There are coaches of all teams, and replacement workers can sit in these seats. It is the organization of the competition, which will decide the number of seats and fourteen replacement alternatives identified in China.

Well, let’s take a look at the technical side. The word from the technical area is in Chapter 3 second rule with the name International de Football resolution rules football are competitive and technical staff team and the deputy mentioned arise in this area.

Under the terms of the Court of football, the size and position of the technical area to be set. Below is the general direction of the edge of the technical area. The technical area is one meter away from either side of the bench and replaced less than a meter away from the free throw line. The slogan is advisable to clean the technical area. The number of people in the technical area is defined by the rules of the competition. According to the rules of the contest, people should be recognized in the technical area before the start of the game. There is only one person who authorized the municipality to draw in the technical field and should return to headquarters immediately terminate reserve driver. Coach and other officials must be qualified in the area, except in special circumstances such as a doctor or physiotherapist team can enter the courtyard to see the injured player after receiving the permission of the referee. People in technical fields, including coaches and others, should be responsible for their actions.

The judge must inspect the football very seriously. Before the game and during the act of active waiting, related parties should be to redraw boundaries blur, especially those who are near. If space muddy and unclear lines there because of the rain and snow, are ten flags was then specified in the location in the village, and these flags are not only a meter while away from the line, but also the same as the corner flag in the Specifications with the hope of making the support of the judges judgment.

The maximum range of international competition field is 110 meters long and 64 meters wide. National Football Team is. Strictly in accordance with the specified area on the stage of presentation For the international game, you need your exact location and size of the football field in National Football Association asked before the game.