Let Riding

Exercise is not the time to limit speed. Cycling is not only the weight but also losing body building. Proceed because the bike must have a lot of oxygen to improve heart function. Meanwhile it can maintain normal blood pressure has a big impact sometimes.

Cycling can compress vessel, promote blood circulation. Head takes more oxygen and fresh air, it will be clearer. Then your mood joyful freedom and cycling. This is not just a tool, instead of walking, but also a way of joyful heart.

Sports experts recommend training as a bicycle must be correct. Only the distance cycling notice is insufficient, the resistance you encounter in the bike, you can keep your body. Allow at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes per constituency. Let your upper body to relax shoulder and prevent neck pain while cycling. Do not push your body too low on the bike, it will limit the abdominal breathing.

Start with Europe, but U.S. bike hill reinvents traditional bike covers, bringing new life to the world.
Hill bike is specially designed for skiing as the hills, and the way the country wider interpretation of sand and gravel Sun Thousand began 997 years the west coast of San Francisco.

At that time, think a group of young people love cycling slope, that if you’re coming down the mountain a beautiful thing. And cross-country bike begins to be designed and manufactured. Mountain biking is officially named after two years. Therefore, the competition to a decline in development of new programs in athletic competition.

One sport bike ride hills in accordance with the departure line falling at high speed, fast speed, absorb more fans.

Game hill horse is about three programs: Downhill and Dual Slalom game, which is how the ex-biker fell on a hill and count the winner less time. It’s two bikers at least two paratactic fall at the same time, is to high Z bike and jumping the first winner. The ski area in a natural environment, competitive mileage is usually about 16 to 24 kilometers, a minimum of 25 percent of people do not repaired. All the tricks of the game to follow the path of the appropriate order to avoid unnecessary travel.

Prerequisite cycling gear
Choose A Bike. It is best to ensure the quality bike light and good choice, because the choice a costume bicycle can reduce a lot of unnecessary problems down the road.

Two cooperating with the bike. Before long journey, you can do a self-test to even understand physical strength, then you can understand the function of more bicycles.

Third, fully prepared. For example, if the gas is sufficient, all parties have a problem, you should check before leaving. If you can, you can use a spare wheel, a few tools. Map and compass are required bicycle page.

Go Forth, cycling clothing. You can light colors especially for shorts to wear to protect the skin against rub. Layered clothing for cold and hot fix. It is best to wear a helmet to protect his head.

To avoid five drink more prostrations.

Sixth, make adequate preparations to avoid the sun
Seven obey traffic rules on the road. Note about cars and to state, emitting signals, when a curve intersect, a non-and retrograde movement.

Eight, forget not to lock when parking.