Nokia 808 Pureview: New Imaging Technology with 41 Megapixel Sensor

One of the specifications is often a reference to determine the quality of the image on the camera (though often misleading as well) is the amount of megapixels. The greater the megapixels, the larger the picture can be printed. So short.

So far, there are some top class mobile has a camera with a sensor that is capable of producing images with a maximum resolution in the range of 12 megapixel only. Well, Nokia issued a new Belle smartphone which has equipped 41 megapixel sensor large. Combined with f/2.4 Carl Zeiss lens, the images obtained from the Nokia 808 PureView claimed will amaze us all.

But if the picture is at 41 megapixels? Apparently not. Nokia PureView retrieve data from 7 pixels and incorporate them into 1 pixel sharpest. Thus, the images obtained magnitude of about 5 megapixels. It is big enough if you want to print to a size 10R. Depending on the choice of resolution, you can zoom in and do the cropping without significant loss of quality. If desired, you can take pictures with a resolution of 38 megapixels (4:3) or 36 megapixel (16:9). According to Nokia, 808 PureView also reliable in low light conditions so it’s pretty unbelievable when you capture a photo at night without a flash though. Speaking of flash, available xenon and LED flash. So no need to panic if your digital camera left in the house.

For video enthusiasts, the Nokia 808 PureView can record full-HD video. But the big news is not there. The results of this video can be enlarged (zoom-in) up to 3x without losing significant detail.

As a smartphone, the Nokia 808 PureView enough “spur”. Specs include a 1.3 GHz processor single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and a 4-inch nHD (640 × 960 pixels). Operating system, strangely, still rely Belle who will soon retire in a few years. One more advantage of the Nokia 808 PureView lies in a clear voice recording capabilities. You can also enjoy surround sound thanks to Dolby headphone technology. This is certainly in line with the strategy that has been issued a range of Nokia Purity headset partnership with Monster Audio.

Quite refreshing to see the leap of technology innovation from Nokia that seemed to lose its charm since Android and iOS become the center of world attention. Unfortunately, the Nokia 808 PureView still struggling in Belle platform that is increasingly fading appeal. Imagine if this camera specifications appear on Lumia smartphones based on Windows Phone …