Options Quartz Granite Countertops

Options  Quartz  Granite Countertops

If you’ve been to Granite Direct Warehouse lately, you might have noticed a selection of beautiful quartz countertops, as well as their custom granite tables at Sandy Springs. With each of these stones so easy to come by, you may find it difficult to determine. If you are facing this dilemma, consider the following information.
Composition of Granite and Quartz

Options Quartz  Granite Countertops

Granite consists of quartz, so custom granite granite at Sandy Springs naturally contains significant amounts of quartz, as well as some mica, feldspar and trace mineral mixtures. Quartz countertops, on the other hand, may be mostly quartz with many resins, polymers, and pigments to strengthen and bind stones. Granite and quartz countertops have the same level or hardness, both have a significantly higher melting point and both are highly porous. This makes both options a great choice for a kitchen table or bathroom.

Does Granite Cause Cancer?

Lately, some people claim that granite countertops can cause cancer. They claim that the natural radon levels in the rock will rot and enter the air. However, the actual amount of gas in your beautiful table is minimal. You will be naturally exposed to more radon while walking outdoors, so do not limit yourself based on this misinformation.

Consider your Preferences

When it comes to the final decision between a custom quartz or custom granite countertops at Sandy Springs, you should ask yourself a few questions. Is price a factor? Do you prefer man-made or natural stone? Are you planning to use the table heavily and ignore it? How unique do you want your desk? Discuss your answers to these questions with professionals at Granite Direct Warehouse to ensure that you have made choices that will satisfy you for years. In the end, there is no wrong choice, so you can be sure that you will be the right choice.

Options Quartz  Granite Countertops