Sony XPERIA XPERIA P & U: Duet Gingerbread with Reality Display

Sony Mobile Communications has announced a second series of their latest Android smartphone, which still uses the Android version 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Does this mean the Xperia P and U, the name of the second series, made before they officially announced the acquisition of 100% on Ericsson? Could be. To be sure, Sony promises the availability of an update to ICS in the second quarter of this year as well.

Sony Xperia P brings 4 inch screen as a “window” of users, QHD resolution 540 × 960 pixels with Reality Display technology support. 1GHz dual-core processor has been invested to support the performance of various features in it, including an 8MP camera that can record Full HD 1080p video as well as record 2D/3D panorama.

Sony does not provide slot microSD external memory or other smartphone. Fortunately, Xperia P already provides 16GB of space for data storage. Other specifications such as Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI and DNLA would not forget also to be presented.
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Breast Cancer Dangerous to Men

If we hear of breast cancer, then we would immediately think that the disease is a disease that is familiar with women. And in fact, the men also are at risk for developing a dangerous cancer.

In fact it is said that men who develop breast cancer have a smaller chance of a cure or, when compared with women. It is caused by ignorance of the men that they could be affected by cancer. Based on such ignorance, men are also not able to detect early signs of esophageal cancer.

Opinions come from a group of researchers from the United States. They say that women who develop breast cancer are able to live two years longer than men. The study also found that breast tumors that strike men more “advanced” than the female breast, making it easier to spread to different parts of the body.

Dr. Jon Greif, a breast cancer surgeon in Oakland, California, United States of America, and head of research, says that a lot of men who do not understand that they can get breast cancer. In addition, many of the doctors failed to detect the symptoms of cancer in man. In fact, the symptoms can be detected “warning light” when found in a woman. Continue reading “Breast Cancer Dangerous to Men”

Samsung GALAXY Beam: Android Mini HD Projector

Samsung seems to have managed to spread “fever GALAXY” to users around the world. Various series they ranging from merely “enhanced” or “renewal” series before, until the series is completely new. As Beam GALAXY series they have just announced, concurrent performances Mobile World Congress 2012.

What is interesting about their product this time? In addition to 4-inch screen resolution of 800 × 400 pixels hers, Beam seem to differ with the presence of a built-in HD projector on the side of the smartphone is also available with the color yellow. The projector itself is capable of visualizing the content with a width of 50 feet and the power of ultra-bright 15 lumens, which is powerful enough to display photos of 5MP photo shot results.
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Santa Clara: The first Android Smartphone with Intel’s Medfield Chip

Want to know what Android smartphone powered by chips from Intel processors to support performance? Outstanding first Smartphone in the UK and Europe it is Santa Clara that bundled with the operator Orange, and uses Intel’s Medfield platform – the first time in the world.

Orange Santa Clara uses a 4-inch HD screen resolution of 600 × 1024 pixels and a powerful processor 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z2460. OS that is injected is still Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but Orange promise availability upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich “in the near future.”

The camera he was carrying was passable, 8MP resolution that can record Full HD 1080p video, and has interesting features that capture the burst mode that lets you shoot quickly: 10 shots in 1 second!
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Myths About Drugs

Use of the drug can now be spelled as two-edged sword. On the one hand, can provide relief, but on the other hand can cause excessive pain or even death. Problem drug use is good and true is still a complex phenomenon. So many false myths that developed in the community about the use of medications that can actually worsen a person’s health status.

Quoted from Reuters Health, Prof. DR. dr. Rianto Setiabudy, SpFK., A Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia describes the erroneous myths.

Increasing doses of the drug to cause disease recover faster
A patient should not increase the dose of the drug without the doctor’s knowledge is concerned. This action may create new health problems.

The use of more drugs, more potent
It is not the proper way to use different types of drugs to tackle the disease on the grounds that a speedy recovery. The use of drugs with varying types will be useless because the drug is likely to contain the same. If you can, more use of the drug alone.
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Asus Padfone: Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop in One Device

In addition to 2 series of tablets were introduced in the MWC 2012, Asus has a device that combines three types of gadgets at once: a smartphone, tablet, laptop as well. Asus Padfone running on OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich also features a headset stylus pen can be used like a pen on the screen 4.3-inch Super AMOLED qHD resolution of 540 × 960 pixels hers. The pen can also be used as hands-free calling.

S4 Snapdragon Processor Dual-Core 1.5GHz speed this gets additional power from the GPU Adreno 225 graphics sector. In addition to the 8MP camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front, Padfone also equipped with various features such as HDMI, GPS, A-GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. Indeed Padfone was first introduced at Computex 2011 event last year, and we have discussed in this article.

To maintain the durability to stay fit throughout the day, relying on the battery capacity of 1520mAh Padfone. But do not worry about the battery life. Once you plug it into the Padfone Station, the capacity of this battery will be 9x greater.
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Set the breakfast Can Streamline Body

Many of us are not accustomed to breakfast in the morning. The reason is simple, because not enough time for breakfast for fear of arriving late at school or the office. There is also the thought that the breakfast in the morning can make the body become fat.

One thing you should know, that breakfast is very important for this body. And it turns out breakfast also helps to control weight gain problems and obesity for everyone. A number of studies have shown, most successful people maintain weight just by getting breakfast every day. Easy and simple, is not it?

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Non Smoking With Hypnosis and Acupuncture

Acupuncture and hypnosis has been promoted as a drug-free way to help smokers leave the habit, and there is evidence both ways successfully, the research studies on 14 international study released by Reuters.

But the researchers, whose findings are published in the American Journal of Medicine, said there are still many questions, including how effective alternative therapies and how they compare with the conventional methods to quit smoking.

Nevertheless, alternative methods could still be an option for smokers who want to stop their habit.

According to the researchers, led by Mehdi Tahiri from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in general, smokers who want to quit should first try a standard approach that includes nicotine replacement therapy, medication and behavioral counseling, Tahiri said.

“But some people are not interested in treatment,” Tahiri said, as quoted from Reuters Oktomagazine. He added that in many cases, standard therapy failed. “Then I think we should strongly suggest acupuncture and hypnosis as an option.”
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Breathing a Good While Weight Training

Good breathing technique would give a positive impact to the body. People who practice Tai Chi or Yoga would have been reliable in terms of respiratory regulation. They also believe that breathing can change the internal energy.

In sports, breathing regularly also provide good benefits for the body. For those of you who regularly go to the gym and do weight training, breathing also plays an important role. Scientifically speaking, breathing is not yet confirmed can affect the results of weight training. However, good breathing techniques during exercise can help you achieve the best results from exercise and takes you away from the risk of injury.

Quoted from World Fitnes, there are some things you need to learn more about breathing techniques while doing weight training. When you do the bench press, breathe your breath as you lower the weight and exhale when you lift weights.
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Journey to the Office of Disease Caused

When you’re feeling sick and tired with your daily activities while commuting to work, especially if you’re stuck a jam, then there is a bad for you.

According to a study released in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” and performed in the United States, the routine and the long journey from home to work can make you experience a disruption in the body’s metabolism and also the system. Some of these disorders are high blood pressure, waist circumference is growing, and also some disorders that may increase the risk of chronic diseases.

“The long journey that routine can really affect the body, so it will interfere with a person’s health,” said lead researcher Christine Hoehner, assistant professor of public health sciences at Washington University, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time.

The study was conducted by running a study in three Texas cities that can only be reached by car. The three cities are Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. The team conducted research to gather data about the distance that has been taken by 4300 people living in the three cities. They also collect information related to their everyday circumstances, such as frequent exercise and cholesterol levels.
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