Review: Samsung Galaxy Note

The concept of smartphones and tablets currently is relying on the soft touch of your finger as the primary input method. But for most users, more precise steering input can only be achieved using stlus. Well, Samsung to revive the concept of the stylus on the smartphone / tablet for them, the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Concept and Design

The most popular smartphone screen size now is 4.3-inches, but Samsung presents Galaxy Note with 5.3-inch size. It’s not the first Samsung smartphone brings a 5-inch screen size (Dell Streak is the first), but at least the Galaxy Note look thinner so it is more comfortable when kept in pocket though. There are two color choices are black and white.

The screen itself is a Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a high density of 800 × 1280 pixels, very sharp to display images with the contrast and color saturation are accurate. You will also find a resolution 2 megapixel camera at the top of the screen.

On the upside, you’ll find a 3.5mm audio jack port. While at the bottom, there is a slot to store the stylus, and a micro USB port.

On the left side, there is the sound settings. On the right, the power button.

While on the back, there is an 8 megapixel camera accompanied by an LED flash.

And under cover of a thin cover, you’ll find a battery, card slot for microSD card and SIM card slot. Unfortunately you have to remove the battery to insert microSD. Closing the battery itself is quite thin and must be handled carefully if not broken.


Carrying gingerbread android 2.3.5 operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Note comes with Samsung’s TouchWiz 4.0 interface. You will still find a variety of applications such as Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone Allshare, Samsung Apps, Social hub, Readers hub, etc..


Samsung Galaxy Note comes with Exynos chipset, powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor 1.4 GHz speed. When tested in terms of multitasking and running heavy applications, the Samsung Galaxy Note managed to run perfectly and without any problems.


With the ability of highly capable processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note can play multimedia files HD format with ease. You can enjoy HD movies format with excellent visual appearance through the screen.

As for the audio performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note can produce a pretty good sound through the speakers and to maximize audio performance, there is also the option equalizer settings manually or via the superbly-preset presets available.

If you often listen to music with headphones, there is also the option preferred 5.1 surround sound is quite noticeably improved sound good when watching movies or listening to music.

Performance Battery
The most haunted Android smartphone users is the battery which is wasteful. Therefore, Samsung complete with a Li-ion 2500 mAh capacity. At the time of testing daily use for activity, battery Samsung Galaxy Note quite resilient and can last up to about a day to use for browsing, push email, and chat via skype and whats app messenger.

The battery can also be more with various tricks such as lowering the screen brightness levels to a minimum and use the Wi-Fi hotspot when you are.


There is one excellent feature Samsung Galaxy Note that no other Android smartphones namely S-Pen. A special stylus pen that has many functions. S-Pen can be used not only to navigate menus or applications, but can also be used to perform various tasks such as handwriting, sketching, editing photos and videos, so took this screen capture in an easy way.

Samsung included some interesting applications for Galaxy Note, such as applications for editing photos and video with various useful features. For those who want to use the Galaxy Note to work, Samsung provides free ezPDF Reader. With this application, you can edit the PDF file including adding notes or signatures on PDF documents.

In addition to standard applications, Samsung, Samsung Galaxy Note comes equipped with a variety of applications that may not be found in other Samsung Android devices such as the S-memo, S-Planner, and S-Choice.


S-Memo is an application that lets you use the S-Pen. With the S-Memo You can create different notes with pictures, scratch hand, or it could also insert a voice recording in a single appearance.


S-Planner is an application specific regulatory schedule for Galaxy Note. With the S-Planner, Galaxy Note if turned into a reliable personal assistant. Interface that is easy to understand and tidy make it better than the standard Android calendar app. And with a powerful reminder that no, you can also use it as a reminder to schedule a meeting with coworkers.


S-Choice is an app store that contains application-specific applications for the Samsung Galaxy Note. In the S-Choice, you’ll find a collection of apps designed specifically for the Galaxy Note as OmniSketch and Zen Brush. There are also some other interesting applications such as SketchBook MX and ezPDF Reader.

In the test I did, I used to draw sketches OmniSketch applications. When drawing with the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note, I did not find any significant problems. S-Pen is quite responsive in my hands translate any scratches on the screen Note and indeed this device is perfect for those who love to draw illustrations or often drawing sketches. Although responsive, Note is not designed to be used as a pencil sketch or pen. There was a little pause, but not too annoying considering all the scratches will be displayed properly.

For fans of calligraphy, Zen Brush’ll love. This application is quite interesting given the brush options available option coupled with the option of setting the brush pressure makes it very comfortable to write kanji. There is also a selection of papers as well as the option to save the results of your brush strokes a picture.

5-inch screen sizes make reading a fun activity in the Samsung Galaxy Note. You can utilize the Readers Hub app for buying and reading newspapers, magazines and digital books. We also tried the Pulse app to read news through RSS and the experience quite enjoyable. Once again, thanks to the 5 inch screen that gives more space than most Android smartphones.


5.3 inch screen size is unique. With this screen size, the Samsung Galaxy Note as if standing in the middle between a smartphone and a tablet. But for those of you who need a tablet as well as smartphone, would be greatly helped by the Galaxy Note is capable of representing both the gadget. Additional unique S-Pen is also quite helpful for some users who require more precise input. S-Pen is very good to use to draw or just to write a little note.

Supported various other advantages, such as the Super AMOLED screen is very sharp, fast performance, and some applications in particular, the Samsung Galaxy Note worth having for those who target a smartphone with Tablet PC capabilities equivalent. If you do not mind the price is quite a premium, Samsung Galaxy Note is very ideal for executives and mobile workers who need reliable performance and do not want to be bothered carrying too many gadgets. We also felt the Galaxy Note will help the digital creative workers such as artists or architects, and interior design, thanks to the facility S-Pen and Note some typical applications.

+ High-resolution display and relief
+ Fast performance
+ The ability of the camera is very good
+ S-Pen handy and supported some special applications
+ For some users could be saving, because it can serve as a tablet and smartphone simultaneously
Design + thin

– The battery cover is too thin
– Prices are pretty premium