Samsung GALAXY Pop Plus: The Second Generation Mini

After the success of the GALAXY mini is marketed in India by the name of GALAXY Pop, Samsung took off the next generation of smartphones with the name Pop Plus. As a successor, fair if many elements of “plus” Pop Plus is included in this. So it’s good just as soon as we find out.

First in terms of design. When juxtaposed parallel, perhaps you will consider these two smartphones are the same series because there is almost no significant difference. So, let us lyrics specs: GALAXY mini has dimensions of 110.4 × 60.8 × 12.1mm, while his sister 110.4 × 60.6 × 12.1mm. Aha, Pop Plus more “narrow” 0.2mm! And what about the weight? Pop Plus 1.6G turns heavier than the Mini, which weighs 105 grams.

Other differences can be found on the processor used. If Mini paired with Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset and 600MHz CPU ARMv6, the Pop Plus reinforced ARMv6 832MHz CPU, but with the same chipset. That’s it. Because there is absolutely no other differences can be found in this latest version, from the software to the hardware.

See, even now its time people eat “ice cream” (Ice Cream Sandwich), Pop Plus is still loyal to the “frozen yogurt” (Froyo) as its predecessor. Furthermore, from the resolution of the screen, the camera, the battery also has similarities to the identical! Even the UI customization is used is the same, namely TouchWiz version 3.

Pop Plus was first released in the Indian market and directly discharged invaded buyer. Somehow if released into Indonesia. However it was, his presence feels somewhat bear because GALAXY Y that cost less but have more powerful spec, has been able to fill the consumer segment occupied by the Mini well. Unless he later priced at Rp 800 thousand only.

Well, pull awaited breakthrough at Samsung Indonesia if they so sign him to the ground water.