Should Eating Without Fear Fat Snacks

Snacking hooked, but did not want to make your body fat? That taste is almost impossible to do, refer to the facts that are often linked with the habit of eating snacks obesity. But recently, some studies claim that people who frequently eat snacks throughout the day, had a lower body weight than those without.

In fact, eating regularly help maintain stable blood sugar and energy levels, control hunger and prevent overeating. Useful addition to weight control, people who eat healthy snacks, such as fruits and whole grains, tend to have a more nutritious diet for getting vitamins and nutrients more.

As reported redbookmag,  following guidelines to maintain weight,

Eat lightly in the afternoon

Distance between lunch and dinner for a long time, so we will be too hungry to wait the night to arrive and tend to overeat. To prevent too hungry, eat a snack in the afternoon between the hours of 3-4.

Choose low in calories, such as fruits or vegetables that help cut calories. Research from Pennsylvania State University, found that people who chewed apple 15 minutes before a meal can reduce calorie intake by 187 calories later in the day. If you feel hungry before lunch, choose small portions snack such as a piece of fruit or a small bowl of steamed vegetables.

Eat dessert

After spending the evening meal, we still need nyemil as a dessert before bed. The goal is to prevent hunger when awake at night.

Grab dinner and a portion is covered with healthy snacks such as yogurt or dark chocolate. Make sure the snacks you eat no more than 120 calories. Do not eat too much because it can make the digestive system is still working, although resting metabolism. In effect, the accumulated calories cause obesity.

Choose fiber-rich and protein

Ideal snacks that contain some protein and fiber, such as beans, fresh fruit, wheat vegetables. Protein helps in the release of gut hormones that make us feel still full for hours after eating.

Besides protein also serves as a brake on insulin pump body which can lead to accumulation of fat in. Then fiber can slow digestion.

Should be no more than 400 calories

Ideally, keep your weight is to eat snacks between 100-150 calories in the morning and 150-200 calories in the afternoon. Size 150 calories, the equivalent of 21 grains of almonds or cashew nuts 16.

Take a small handful of nuts or other snack food calories to get the size appropriate and not excessive. Research shows that eating a snack straight from the package can make you eat more calories because it does not know when to stop eating.

Focus when you’re eating

Do not eat snacks while watching TV, at the computer, or when it is being called. Because unconsciously, we’ll eat more servings. According to research from the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, focus when eating. This can help a person to eat more slowly and 13 percent less.

Another way to prevent mild amnesia is to choose foods that require effort to eat like peanut skin to peel it first. Besides being able to slow down time to eat, a study claimed that this method can control the calories up to at least 35 percent.