Stay Slim Post-Maternity

Weight increase drastically a problem that often occurs in women after childbirth. Not to mention the belly and arms that sag effects of accumulated fat before birth. Do not rush to a strict diet and exercise hard to get into shape as usual.

To fix this, try to see some tips that quoted from Livestrong, for those of you who want to slim the healthy way after birth,

Do not jump to the gym
Dr. Michael Johnson, a specialist in OB / GYN at the University of California, Los Angeles says no need to rush workout in the gym to get the ideal body shape immediately after giving birth. During pregnancy, blood volume increases by at least 15 percent. So it is natural for the body to swell. Conditions were not quite recovered the body it can cause new health problems.

The fluid makes the body look fat will be reduced soon after birth through the urine. Normally, urine will come out very much between two to seven days and weight was reduced slightly.

Attach a rational targets
Keep in mind, all you expect is a return to normal body like before giving birth, not smaller or slimmer. So do not expect too grandiose to get a body like a catwalk model if the shape of your body from the outset has been shaped pear or apple. Fastest time to restore your body shape after childbirth is six to seven months, if done with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do not do extreme diet because your body requires many nutrients for the recovery and breastfeeding.

Do not worry belly
A distended belly and sagging become one of the most complained of problems after childbirth. It is very reasonable, because the abdominal wall tissue extends surely as the growing fetus while still in the womb. The process of the stomach to return to normal usually takes three to six months after birth.

“You can do sit-ups and crunches all day but will not produce anything. Must be patient and rational,” added Dr. Johnson.

Select the appropriate exercise
After giving birth, does not mean you should sit out. Keep doing physical activity that focuses on the movement of the body as a whole. Practice your posture in the first few weeks after birth. While sitting and feeding, keep the back straight. Can also wear a corset when tools like body feels tense.

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