In this world where everyone dresses up like it’s a fashion show everyday, we all need to be on our toes and it’s not easy to look perfect always. Sometimes we just want someone to come and suggest us clothes so that we don’t have to deal with the  daily tiring quota of styling ourselves up. Men mostly say, it becomes more difficult for them to catch up to all these because they think they have lesser options but it’s just a fad. Blessed are we to see so many trends for men also. Now comes the difficult part of pairing it  up and adding accessories. Well this is not a cakewalk and to figure out on what occasion, what clothes have to be worn, it even becomes more difficult so here are few suggestions completely based on few occasions.

  1. CASUAL WEAR: We all have to go out frequently everyday and it becomes extremely taxing to even think about what to wear. Casual wears are meant to be comfortable but it is supposed to make us look stylish also at the same time. You can always wear a regular cotton t-shirt along with shorts, joggers or jeans. You can wear shorts when it’s summer, you can wear jeans if you think you need to go somewhere after that. Joggers can be worn anytime. Pair it with a good pair of clogs and you don’t need a single extra thing. You can buy a lot of tshirt together from wholesalers, kids can also get t-shirts from kids clothing wholesalers. Buying from wholesalers is very beneficial as it reduces the cost and you can have plenty of clothes at the same time
  2. PARTY WEAR: Choosing a party wear is a tricky affair because keeping the style meter high without feeling uncomfortable is not easy. We all want to look good but feel good throughout the party also but there are various options to choose from. A funky sweatshirt with a ripped jeans will give a good party look. It’s extremely comfortable where you can easily groove to the beats of dj but also grab eyeballs for being in vogue. Pair it with a comfortable sneakers. If the party is semi formal and no djs are called you can wear a t-shirt and a blazer over it. Make sure the tshirt and blazers are of contrasting colours. Wear a denim jeans of darker shade with sneakers. Gel up your hair and your look is complete.

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SPORTS WEAR: It is very important to wear something comfortable and durable when going for adventure sports. Cotton shirts along with cargo pants or t-shirts along with joggers are very good options. Always pair it with a good pair of sneakers. Shoes should be given prime importance when going for sports.

These are few good options for men when going out somewhere. You can add sunglass or good scarves according to the season and situation. These suggestions are universal and will look good on any man and trying all these out is a must.

Patrick Swasea

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