The Optimal Sports order

To make comfortable sport activity, of course, we can not arbitrarily choose the clothes that we will wear. So it should be, choosing clothes sports not only make us look stylish, but also was the maximum benefits to the body. Peep some tips choose the right clothes for sport, as reported by, the following:

Appropriate size. Choose a dress with a size that is not too tight (just fit the size of the body but still a little loose) and elastic to provide a space for freedom of movement during exercise, especially during aerobic exercise. As an option, spandex is a kind of elastic material.

Porous materials. Clothes with porous materials is important to help the body cool during exercise. You can try out the material of nylon is more porous and avoid clothes made ​​from rubber or plastic.

Absorb sweat. Choose clothing with a material that can absorb sweat from the body, but not be wet and heavy after absorbing sweat. Types of materials are referred to as wicking materials. Currently available materials of synthetic fiber (synthetic fiber) such as polypropylene that are designed specifically for exercise.

Depending on the weather. When exercising outdoors during the day, choose clothes with bright colors. Since dark colored clothes tend to withstand the sun.

Customize your workout. Use shoes and socks that can sustain the heel and toe well. Currently, there is a choice of shoes according to the type of exercise to be performed. Socks with cotton blend material (cotton-poly) could be an option.

Which also do not let you forget, use underwear that are comfortable and can sustain the burden of the body properly. Happy practicing!