Why so expensive Starbucks

Price Starbucks in China is 50 percent higher than in the United States. This is only for people who buy standard, but with a meal in the morning, about 50 yuan in China is tender. These days, said Starbucks’ expansion in the domestic market, which has attracted the attention of many people. Some citizens net they asked do not know why it is sold in the United States, retail outlets by drinking 1 cup regular $ 2, but in China, there was a certain authority. Reporters interviewed found that Starbucks went Petty roads in this country, but abroad, it is only consumer products civilians, a cup is not more than $ 1. Native and price as 50 percent higher than in some other countries as a whole.

Each cup is 10 yuan expensive, and the price is. Depending on the degree of market preference Starbucks entered the Chinese market earlier and many smaller endowments like brand. But in foreign countries Starbucks is only civil beverage brands. A person who is Chinese worked in the United States, the introduction of journalists in the United States, Starbucks very often in the United States, according to the average annual salary of $ 50,000 calculated on the $ 4.100 per month, every day, drink a cup of Starbucks was only $ 4, which is equivalent to spend on a bottle of the most common drink in China.

But those of the United States, the beverage brand even popular, he must sell the most expensive in China. Journalists on the price of Starbucks in China and the United States, sales of latte, mocha, caramel macchiato coffee etc and many classical results showed the United States a cup of coffee 12 oz Price is about 20 yuan, the country can have a cup sold at 30 yuan, equivalent to 50 percent higher than foreign prices. And a glass of American coffee is far from what is normal in the United States, it is only about 12 yuan. When selling native 22 yuan, and it is 83% more expensive than abroad

Starbucks Chinese official website recommends that the world of coffee beans on the same channel, is that the consumption of raw materials, the United States and China Starbucks indifferent materials.

In fact, Starbucks is not the value of the product pricing appear, and what is more it is based on the market in favor. This year, Starbucks on the Indian market for the first time, said CEO Howard Schultz because the coffee is fresh in India, whatever. So, in India, if Starbucks coffee or snacks, the prices are much lower than the standard

A marketing industry told reporters that the prices do not create illustrates the value, but on the basis of the demand for the product, brand and product image.